Prunes neutralize the harmful effects of free radicals and protect people from diseases such as asthma, arthritis, heart attacks and cancer. The antioxidants in the fruit protect the body from free radicals, which accelerate the aging process.

Also, zaxanthin , an important oral carotenoid, selectively absorbs light into the retina, where antioxidants are produced and UV protection filters are activated.

These antioxidants are particularly effective in neutralizing radical malodorbent oxygen, which is called radionuclide “anion superoxide,” and it is said to prevent the damage from oxygen to fats, including fats that form a significant portion of the brain’s cells or neurons . Antioxidants in a variety of plums improve memory by neutralizing radicals that damage the tissue of the cells.

1 Treats digestive disorders:

The compounds of sorbitol and opiate found in prune help regulate digestive system function and treat constipation.

2 A good source of vitamin C:

Plum vitamin C helps the body boost its resistance to infectious agents, soften the swelling, and eliminate free radicals.

3 Improves cardiovascular health:

Prune also helps maintain heart health. This fruit contains antioxidants that help to get rid of free radicals and prevent the oxidation of cholesterol. The oxidation of cholesterol is a threat to the health of healthy blood vessels, which may ultimately lead to certain heart conditions, including heart attacks and high cholesterol. The plum vitamin C is extremely useful in controlling heart disease in diabetic patients.

4 Fights cancer cells:

Some studies have linked plum with cancer prevention, particularly breast cancer, gastrointestinal and respiratory cancer.Anthocyanins are reddish blue pigments in this fruit that protect the body from cancer by clearing free radicals. It is said that plum vitamin A also protects the body from oral cancer. The antioxidant power of the plum and its phytonutrients halts the progression of breast cancer cells without killing healthy cells.

5 Keep cholesterol healthy:

Plums contain potassium, which is an important component of the body’s cells and fluid, which helps control heart rate and blood pressure. It also prevents clotted platelets that may lead to high blood pressure, stroke, and coronary artery disease. It also maintains blood pressure at the health level. Plum fiber also helps lower cholesterol levels. Prune also contains vitamin B6, which prevents the increase in the amount of homocysteine ​​and reduces the risk of heart attack.

6 Natural laxative:

Both plum and plum bukhara are natural laxatives that can help regulate bowel function.

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7 Reduces the risk of rubbing yellow stains:

Prune can protect your eyes against the deterioration of the yellow spots. Eating 3 servings of this fruit per day can reduce the risk of deterioration of the yellow spots as a result of aging. Try adding crushed wheat to your breakfast cereal or salad.

8 Improves blood flow:

Plum and plum Bukhara have the ability to increase the absorption of iron in the body. The reason is the presence of a large amount of vitamin C in this fruit. Iron in plum is very necessary for the formation of red blood cells. Iron improves blood flow to the body and prevents anemia.

9 Helps to lose weight:

It also eliminates pesticides and prevents constipation, which naturally leads to weight loss. This fruit is rich in fiber and antioxidants, which helps in digestion and good metabolism. The plum contains citric acid, which prevents muscle tiredness and cramping. Prunes also improve liver and digestive function. Eating plums or drinking plum juice regularly helps you easily lose a few kilograms of overweight.

10 It is useful to deal with diabetes:

Prune has a low rating in the glucose index, so eating plums controls blood glucose levels and reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes.The foul virion in the plum immediately after you eat your food controls the secretion of glucose in the blood and controls the sudden increase in insulin between meals. Therefore, it is recommended that diabetic patients include plums in their diet, as they do not make their condition more acute and maintain their health.

11 Rich in fiber:

The soluble fiber in the plum also lowers cholesterol by absorbing excess bile in the intestine and then disposing it. Bile is produced in the liver to digest the fat. When the body passes bile with fiber, the liver uses cholesterol to produce more bile, thus reducing its blood flow. Also, soluble fiber lowers the amount of cholesterol produced in the liver.

12 Enhances the immune system:

Plums also help the body build healthy tissues and strengthen the immune system. This fruit prevents colds and influenza and is good for those suffering from frequent infections.

13 Improves bone health:

Various studies have concluded that eating plums increases bone health, especially during menopause. This fruit is rich in phenolic compounds and flavonoids, thus stopping bone loss. Plums contain a boron element that plays an important role in bone formation and is actively involved in maintaining bone density and overall bone conservation.

14 Contains magnesium:

Magnesium in the plum is essential for muscle contraction and nerve signals.

15 Is rich in folic acid:

Bukhara plum contains a lot of folic acid and calcium that plays a role in supplying folate. Folate is essential for pregnant women and fetal growth.

16 It has a diarrhea and has a detoxifying effect.

Prune is also a urine and has a detoxifying effect on the body.

The benefits of plum for the skin:

It’s believed that eating your tall fruit will make you more attractive, so eating plums can make you more attractive.

17 Fighting signs of aging:

Vitamin E and beta-carotene, the same antioxidant that is present in the plum, protects the fatty acids and cell membranes from free radicals. This plum feature enables the body to fight with signs of aging skin such as loss of elasticity and wrinkles. The plum contains a lot of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, which increase blood flow and metabolism of the cells, and reduce inflammation. It ultimately strengthens the elasticity of the skin and controls acne and wrinkles.

18 Make your skin young:

Drinking plum juice can also help to improve the skin’s well-being and rejuvenate, as well as to improve skin tone and firmness.Collagen deficiency often takes off the skin. Plum contains a lot of vitamin C, which is required for the production of hydroxyproline and hydroxycycine. These two substances are needed to bind molecules that produce collagen. Reduces the skin from the roots and reduces wrinkles and other signs of aging.

19th The effect of the wound fades:

Prune will fade and minimize it by increasing blood flow to the tissue that builds the effect of the ulcer, and it’s also effective in the growth of the new skin.

The properties of Bukhara Plum 20. It is rich in antioxidants:

The prune has a lot of antioxidants that can withstand powerful sun rays and minimize sun damage. Sun damage can make the skin wrinkled, but the plum stimulates the growth of new cells and makes the skin younger.

The properties of Bukhara 21. Accelerates the treatment process:

It also repairs the damaged plum and helps wound healing faster. This fruit strengthens the elasticity of the skin and, for rapid healing, builds up the wound tissue and ligaments.

Peculiar properties of Bukhara 22. The appearance of the skin is healthier and younger.

Putting the plum pulp on the face brightens the dark spots and heals skin patches, fleas and mac, and aging spots to give you a younger, healthier skin.

The properties of Bukhara plum for hair

Prune can help preserve hair follicles, connective tissues, or collagen in the skin, protecting both the follicle cells and the skin cells of the scalp, thereby enhancing hair growth.

The properties of Bukhara Plum 23. Stimulates hair growth:

Free radicals often make our hair weak, fragile, and thinned. This condition prevents the proper growth of the hair. Vitamin E, which is present in prunes, strengthens the membrane cells and prevents free radicals from attacking the scalp follicles. For this reason, those who regularly eat plums and plum bukhara have healthy, strong, and thick hair.

The properties of Bukhara Plum 24. Destroys dandruff:

Plum vitamin C can help you get rid of dandruff. The hair follicle is often blocked by dandruff and peeling of the skin. If this problem is not resolved in time, it can damage follicles and prevent hair growth. Prune can fight skin bacteria and soothe the skin to eliminate dandruff. This will get rid of the residual follicles and strengthen new hair growth.

The properties of Bukhara Plum 25. Treats hair loss:

Prune can also be useful for removing adrenal fatigue. This is very important for stopping hair loss and enhancing the growth of the hair, because the adrenal glands are important for keeping the proper hormonal balance.

Properties of Bukhara Plum 26. Endurance and thickening of the hair:

Excessive iron content improves blood flow and restores capillaries to enhance endurance and thickening of the hair.

Properties of Bukhara Plum 27. It is useful for tackling hair loss:

Prune can also be used to treat damaged hair and helps treat various types of hair disorders, disorders that can damage follicles and prevent proper hair growth. It is also useful for coping with hair loss, or male tufts.

Properties of Bukhara Plum 28. Preserves the color of the hair:

Plums are full of pigments, which not only cope with hair loss, but also preserve the natural color of the hair. It also prevents hair from prematurely.

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