Asia Export management and Business development LLC is an active company in the field of exporting and overseeing the management of food exports, packing and branding, which is under the supervision of the Islamic Republic of Iran Chamber of Commerce.
In Food Iran, customers will have a very direct relationship with Iran’s food producers, as the Food Iran Company, with more than 400 food and agricultural producers in Iran

  • Separate inspection

    Control and monitor all stages of shipments

  • Offer the best price

    Perfect price review according to standard quality

  • Matching your desired Term

    Provide special services to our old customers

  • Speed response!

    We value the time of our customers.

  • Attractive packaging

    Great product in beautiful packaging is right for the customer

  • customer club

    Special service only for old customers

What attitudes do we have?


From the beginning of our entry into the export market, our goal is to eliminate the trade barrier between Iran and the world for the benefit of the people of the world from Iranian food products. From now on, we work for you so that we can at least supply $ 50 billion of food needs Be you


It does not matter who you are from and from what race you and your compatriots are free to access all the unique Iranian agriculture products.


  • Offer the best price with the best quality food products
  • Improving the health and quality of export products
  • Attracting long-term customer trust and honesty with the buyer
  • Improved packaging quality and product offering
  • Speeding up speed and attracting customer satisfaction


  • Maintain the capital of customers in all areas of their business with us
  • Assist the customers’ business by providing the most quality Iranian products
  • Create friendly relationships to prove their value
  • Creating employment for over 500,000 unemployed farmers in the country

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