White berry is rich in mineral salts, tannins, fatty substances and vitamins D and C. Decoction of Dry Skin The young and fresh branches of the berry tree are useful for lining.

The sweetness of the berries is not glucose, fructose and the like, but the sweetness of the berries is its sorbitol.

Some berries are known as fruit without skin, if not. The berry fruit is a cluster of juicy grains, and these seeds have skin – meat and kernel, but they do not have skin at all, and on the other hand, the skin and nucleus of these seeds are so soft and tender that it does not look, and in one kind of species The berry has completely disappeared, and it has been called grains.

The sweet and delicious berry fruit, peanut and blackberries feed on silkworm, and the best feed for silkworm is the leaf of the berry berry that does not feed.

Dried white fruits, dried in the name of dried berries, and these dry fruits, although sweet, are not harmful to people with diabetes.Because its sugar is just the opposite of grape juice. People with obesity can eat it without fear, and it’s best to eat it with a glass of tea or a glass of water before eating to stop them from appeasing. Although its sugar content does not make it fat, it does not cause obesity.

The berry fruit, both dry and fresh, whether white or black, is laxative – a diarrhea and blood seeker – removes the dryness of the nose and is a friend of the liver and spleen. Tonic is a physical and sexual force.

Decoction of the skin increases the roots and leaves of berry juice, and the juice of berry leaves, as a healer and healing wound in the past, consumed a lot.

Decoction of berry root is very good for repelling pumpkin worm, especially if it is mixed with some equal to the shampoo leaf. The cleft of the root of the berry is blue when it is cooked with distilled water and black hair and black figs, and thickened after straightening, it will be the best type of berry. Blackberry root juice is a powerful laxative, especially if it blows first night and rains overnight. This water is beneficial for toothache and the opening of the cocoon as well as the opening of the dill. The germ of the berry skin also has the same effect.

The boiled blackberry leaf and chewing gum berry tree is useful for tightening the gum, and prevents tooth decay.

Blackberry extract is strong in anti-venison – Melissa berries are good for vinegar.

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