Benefits of white mulberry

White berries are rich in minerals, tannins, fats and vitamins D and C. Boiled dry skin of young and fresh mulberry branches is useful for tempering lint.

Berries are sugars, not glucose, fructose and the like, but sorbitol is berries.

Some people consider berries to be fruit without skin. The berry fruit is like a cluster of juicy grains, and they have skin, flesh, and nuclei, but they have no skin at all. Eating and in one type of berry species, the kernel is completely destroyed and is called seedless berry.

The sweet and savory fruit of the berry is the people’s feed and the berry’s leaf is a silkworm feed, and the best feed for the silkworm is the mulberry leaf that doesn’t bear fruit.

The dried fruits of the white berry are stored in the name of the dried berry, and although these fruits are sweet, eating them is not harmful to those suffering from diabetes.People with obesity can also eat it without fear, and it is best to eat it with a cup of tea or a glass of water before meals to block their appetite. Its sugar, though potent, does not cause obesity.

The berries are dry or fresh, white or black, laxative, diuretic, and in favor of blood. Dry removes the nose and is a friend of the liver and spleen. Strengthens physical and sexual power.

Boiled skin enhances the urine of the berry’s roots and leaves, and berry juice has been widely used in the past as a wound healer.

Decoction of berry root is very beneficial for the removal of pumpkin cream, especially if mixed with an equal amount of peach leaves and boiled. By slicing the root of the berry,Water is obtained if it is boiled with distilled water and grape leaves and black figs and thickened after smoothing. It would be the best kind of khabba.Mulberry root juice is a strong laxative, especially if it is consumed at early night. This water is useful for toothache and cracking, as well as tooth decay, as well as berry gum.

Gargling of mulberry decoction and chewing of mulberry gum is useful for gum tightening and prevents tooth decay.

The berry leaf extract is strong anti-toxin; the fruit of the mulberry tree with vinegar is useful for fissure.

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