Berries are a genuine Iranian fruit that originated from Iran and brought it from Iran to the rest of the world. Though white, yellow, pink, black in color, it has a sweet and delicious flavor, and only has a kind of blackberry, whose taste is tart and astringent.

Blackberry is also a blackberry, and since its tree has branches that are hanging like magic walks to the ground, it’s called the Magnificent Berry.

Some people call “Tud” beret and the Arabs call it “Tuth”.

The designers of the table in the newspapers and magazines have called the Blackberry “compound fruit.”

Black currant, which is full of black or purple ink, and the one who consumes it, its black stools.

The berries are from the darkness of the nettle (Morus alba), which consists of ten to sixteen species. A shamrocket is one of the types of this tree. Blackberry, although it is quite like a Blackberry, is, unlike its fruit, sweet and somewhat sluggish. White Berries are native to Central and Eastern. The tree was used centuries ago in Europe, and was used as a source of food for the silkworm in the United States in the early days of its independence. Of course, the kind of berry that is called “red berry” is in native America, seen from Massachusetts to Kansas.

Black currant that existed in Western Asia before the Roman times were brought to Europe.

An old or historic tree in most countries of the world, usually in any country more than two hundred and three hundred years old. It has a yellowish orange skin, which is one of the most interesting features of the winter (more about tree plants and young trees).A hard-growing tree that grows in most areas and weather and even reaches a height of 25 meters. Some berry trees produce only male flowers and therefore do not produce fruit. These types of trees are very suitable as a shaded ornamental tree. In some areas, the name of this tree is called the Totean.

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