More than 90% of Iran’s “pistachio” is used for export

Exports of Iranian agricultural products are all kinds of “pistachio” and its products, which are exported to the whole world and the largest volume of production of this “pistachio” in the world after the United States is related to Iran.

The point is very important in Iran’s pistachios, as well as its products are the quality of these products. Often, “pistachio” varieties of Iran are more expensive than those produced in other countries, however, demand for pistachios is higher than Iran’s pistachios.

Iran’s pistachios are very popular both in the domestic and foreign markets, however, due to the high production of this product, more than 90% of Iran’s “pistachio” of Iran is used for export, and it is necessary to sell and supply better. We are aware of this product, both export quality and domestic quality.

Certainly, the variety of “pistachios” in Iran and its products are very diverse. However, Iran’s “pistachio” can be divided into five categories:

  • “Pistachio” Raspberry
  • Pistachio Noodles
  • “Pistachio” Ahmad Ahaghi
  • “Pistachio” Akbari
  • “Pistachio” Haddaghi

Among the types mentioned above, the first item (“Pistachio”) in American products is equivalent to the type of Jumbo Pistachio. The three following types (Ahmad Aghayi, Alamami and Kahhouchi) are all in the Long Pistachio category and to some extent the major production of Iran’s “pistachio” in these types has the highest degree of distinction with American products. The last known type of pistachios, called pistachios, is known as Round Pistachio in the world and is the smallest of pistachios.

Among the “Pistachio” products of Iran, we are also witnessing the production and supply of various products throughout Iran in the major volume, including:

  • The usual “pistachio” brain
  • Green Pistachio Brain
  • Pistachio slice
  • Pistachio powder
  • Pistachio skin