Health benefits

The health benefits of hazelnut have a special place among the types of nutritious and well-dried seeds due to fat, protein, carbohydrate, vitamin E, minerals, dietary fiber, phytosterol (beta-sitosterol) and phenolic anti-oxidants such as flavan.

Hazelnut is a good source of vitamins B1, B2 and B6. These vitamins are essential for the health of the brain and hematopoiesis, especially for growing children. Vitamin E has proven that taking 25 to 30 grams of hazelnuts per day will provide all the vitamin E needed per day and is sufficient to prevent heart disease and cancers. Hazelnut oil is the best known source of vitamin E which is essential for the health of the muscles of the heart and other muscles of the body. This vitamin is also essential for the normal functioning of the reproductive system. Vitamin E prevents hemolysis of red blood cells, thus acting as an anemia protector against anemia or anemia. Other benefits of vitamin E, found in hazelnut, are the prevention and prevention of cancer-causing agents. If the cancer has already been formed in the body, vitamin E will fight cancer cells. Hazelnut salts with the following minerals:

  • Calcium, which is essential for the growth of bones and teeth.
  • Iron, which plays a role in hematopoiesis.
  • Roy, who plays an important role in sex hormones.

Potassium, which is essential for stimulating the nervous system and proper muscle and muscle function

Hazelnut properties for maintaining heart health

Oleic acid in hazelnut prevents high blood cholesterol levels, and linoleic acid plays an important role in the growth and health of the organs. Hazelnut oil contains a large amount of vitamin E which is essential for the health of the muscles of the heart and other muscles of the body and contributes to preventing and preventing cancer.

Nuts are great for those who have intellectual activity

Hazelnut has a very high nutritional value and has several properties; therefore, people with a lot of mental activity take hazelnuts.Hazelnut contains fat, carbohydrates, protein and water. On the other hand, these delicious nuts contain significant amounts of vitamins and minerals.

Healing properties of liver diseases

With 10 shrimp hazelnuts, a lot of vitamin E can be fed to your body. Hazelnut, in addition to its benefits, is high in calories and excessive intake can be obesity. The use of vitamin E supplements and food containing this substance can be useful for the treatment of patients with liver disease. People with liver disease can treat themselves with food or supplements containing vitamin E, but the use of this vitamin should be under the supervision of the doctor.

Take a look at other useful properties of hazelnuts:

In terms of traditional medicine, it has a warm, dry nature and a small amount of starchy material.

Women who have a painful period of menstruation will have a cup of hazel cooked after eating a cup.

The hazel increases blood pressure.

Prenatal people eat hazelnuts + dates or figs with milk as a breakfast.

Those who have a general weakness eat 10 hazelnuts per day.

Eating hazelnut is also very tasty between foods for the stomach and intestines.

Those who have joint pain have 10 hay nuts per day.

Those who have gout have a 30-nose hazelnut breakfast + a nice jug of honey and a glass of milk to eat.

For chronic coughs, 30 grams of hazelnut bean mash at 10 o’clock in the morning will cause the chest and lung excretion.

Hazelnut burnt pomace is good for preventing hair loss.

For varicose ulcers, wash 50 g of hazelnut bacon 1000 g of water (blend with vinegar). Wash the wounds.

To adjust the menstruation, apply 20 grams of hazelnut hazelnuts per 1 000 g of boiled water at intervals of menstruation one cup per day.

Hazelnut reduces blood pressure.

Raisin honey with those who have snakes.

Those who have kidney stones have about 15 hazelnuts a day.

To remove the cream, remove the hazelnut oil and cook for 15 days a cup of spoonful of oil.

Hazelnut oil is an enhancer of erotic energy.

Those who have yellow faces will eat 10 hazelnuts per day for treatment.

Hazel causes narrowing of the vessels under the skin, causing the skin to stretch and nourish and treat it.

Those who want to thin make 10 grams of hazelnuts in 300 cc of water, after each meal, they will eat a cup.

People with MS disease have their own hazelnuts in their daily diet. 20 children per day, 10 children with a cup of honey.

Nutty hazelnut is a brain that increases the nasal essence and is a great food for thinking and thinking.
For the antidote of poisons, after nuts, add 5 hazelnuts to the fig.

Those who shark are burned hazelnuts with a mixture of goats and cut off.

If you have low blood, eat 5 hazelnuts after each meal.

If you suffer from severe kidney transplants, eat 6 hazelnuts well after eating.

Hazel causes the vessels to contract under the skin and cause skin irritation and nutrition and treatment.

Those who have kidney stones have about 15 hazelnuts a day.

To remove the cream, remove the hazelnut oil and cook for 15 days a cup of spoonful of oil.

Hazel leaves the toxins out of the body.

Hazelnut contains magnesium and potassium, and these materials are the most potent cardiopulmonary and kidney medication.

Due to the presence of iron in the hazelnut, one can say that one of the best factors is the production of red blood cells.

Those who have cancer have breakfast 20 nuts and 3 dates with a glass of carrot juice.

Those who eat can burn hazelnuts, mix with vinegar, dilute with water, massage the hair with the solution.

Hazelnut has many properties and contains protein, fatty substances, calcium, phosphorus and potassium. The hazelnut is warm and dry and is useful for diabetes.

It’s sweaty, it cures pneumonia, dizziness, and epilepsy.

Nutty nutmeg boosts the brain and enhances sexual activity.

Hazel because of its small amount of starchy material, it also contains many minerals such as calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium and iron, is a great food for people with diabetes.

Hazelnut is a good food for strengthening the body and especially restoring it.

An anise blended hazelnut is useful for burning the urethra and enhancing the sexual power.

To remove face wrinkles: Hazelnut oil a teaspoon and a germ of wheat germ with a teaspoon.

For face wounds, put on hazelnut oil twice a day, at the tip of your face.

The nectar is a nectar, which is 10 am and 5 am with palm dates.

Hazelnut contains magnesium and potassium, and these materials are the largest cardiopulmonary and kidney medication.

Due to the presence of iron in the hazelnut, one can say that one of the best factors is the formation of red blood cells.

Hazel disrupts hair growth.

Hazelnut is very useful for vitamins A and C to strengthen skin, nails and hair and enhance vision.

Hazelnut is very effective in treating weakness, weakness and tenderness, excitement and anxiety due to vitamins B.

To treat sciatica, dry leaves of hazelnut mix with a little ash of cigarettes and salt and mix with the oil of the parsley and apply the solution to the pain.

Hazelnut is tartar and intestine.

Hazel leaves the toxins out of the body.

Hazelnut oil is useful for removing coughing and chest pain.

Fat oil is used to nourish, perfume and paint. Hazelnut brain has a lot of phosphorus.

Pregnant women have 5 hazelnuts a day.

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