The nutritional value of 100 grams of hazelnuts:

Energy 625 calories

Water 8.5 g

Protein 12.5 grams

Starch materials 15 g

Fatty substances 60 g

Calcium 200 mg

P 320 mg

Iron 3.5 mg

Sodium 2 mg

Potassium 700 mg

Vitamin B1 0.5 mg

Vitamin B3 1 mg

Hazel hazel:

1. Increases blood pressure and is harmful to those with high blood pressure.

2. To prevent those who are cold-blooded, they should eat fennel with water and honey, and eat warm water with a cranberry.

3. Hazelnut is not harmful at all if it is not eaten properly, but the excess in its eating creates bloating and abdominal gas and produces vomiting.

Fried hazelnut with a warm and dry nature that is found and nurtured in the mountainous region of Iran. One of the most important benefits of this is the strengthening of sexual power. And also eating hazelnut in the food is very tasty for the stomach and intestines.

1. For chronic coughing, 30 grams of hazelnut brain with honey at 10 o’clock in the morning will cause the ovum to leave the vein.

2-Hazelnut burnt hazelnut is useful for preventing hair loss.

3. For varicose veins, boil 50 g of hazelnut peel and 1000 g of water (water mixed with vinegar) and then wash the wounds.

4. To adjust the menstruation, apply 20 grams of hazelnut hazelnuts per 1000 grams of boiled water at intervals of the menstruation one cup per day.

5. Hazelnut reduces blood pressure.

6-Those who have found a rutting to eat raisins with hazelnuts.

7. Those who have kidney stones have 15 different hazelnuts per day.

8. Remove the hazelnut oil to remove the worm, and apply a spoonful of oil for 15 days a day.

9-Hazelnut oil that strengthens the sex.

10-People with joint pain have 10 honey seeds per day.

The 11-person unit is a 30-person + one-time unit that can be used in conjunction with an inhaler.

Twelve-one counters are available at the bottom of the room.

13. To be used for optimization, use the number 14.

14-Individuals who are in the process of holding a batch of food and drink.

15 people who do not care about 10 people a day.

Sixteen people will each have 10 grams of gunpowder, 300 cc, and eat one glass after each meal.

17-Those who have MS have to keep their hazelnut in their daily diet. At least 20 children, 10 children, each with a spoon of honey.

18. Do not worry about the twists and turns of 10 people.

19 is a hazelnut and increases the essence of the nose and is a great food for thinking and thinking.

20-Predominance: After 5 days, 5 grains must be removed.

The 21-year-olds, who have been smoke-free, are dead.

22. If you have any food, eat 5 hazelnuts after each meal.

23 -If you have any problems with the kernel, you will need to clean up to 6 bars.

24-Women who have been treated with anti-inflammatory drugs after a meal.

Twenty-five people are expected to eat 10 hazelnuts at a time.

26- One-on-one syringe with 20 drops of 3 or more drops.

27. All people and their children are burned up so that they do not dissolve the hair.

28. If you have an eye on blue tea, you can burn the hazelnut. Fill it with olive oil and apply it for a few days to the baby’s head. Then their eyes are nice and attractive.

29. Women who have been pregnant for five days.

30-ounces of Chinchoucourt: Oatmeal with a teaspoon of teaspoon and wheat germ oil. A teaspoonful.

How to make wheat germ oil: Soak the wheat for 12 hours. Then, in a small basket, we put the basket into a plastic bag and weigh it firmly. It depends on the intensity of the air for 12 to 24 hours. Then crush the wheat germ and mix it with corn oil. The oil obtained is the wheat germ oil.


32. It makes sense, 10 am and 5 amphibians.

33-Fenchacuminesis and potassium, and these are the largest cardiopulmonary and kidney-rich medications.

34. It should be noted that one can ascertain the most integral part of the body.

35-Fondage is in progress.

36-Density Vitamins A and C are very useful for strengthening the skin, nails and hair, and enhancing the vision.

Thirty-eight percent of the vitamin B is effective in treating weakness, weakness, numbness, excitement and anxiety.

38-Bactericurmoncicillinate in a bundle of grit. Apply to the baking tray with a mixture of mixed olives and apply the solution to the pain.

39. Fastening the color of your hair is a good way to rejuvenate your body.

1- Hazelnut is warm and dry.

2. Hazelnut is very effective in treating weakness, weakness, tenderness, excitement and anxiety in the presence of vitamins B.

3- Stomach and intestines. At intervals, feed 10 seeds.

4. Hazelnut contains magnesium and potassium, and these materials are the largest cardiopulmonary and kidney medication.

5- Due to the presence of iron in the hazelnut, one can say that it is one of the best factors in the development of red blood cells.

6. hazelnut eliminates hair growth disturbance.

7. Hazelnut is very useful for vitamins A and C to strengthen skin, nails and hair and enhance vision.

8. Hazelnut causes tight vessels under the skin and causes skin irritation and nutrition and treatment.

9- Rinse with hazelnut people who have snakes.

10. People who have kidney stones have 15 different hazelnuts a day.

11. Remove the hazelnut oil to remove the worm and add one tablespoon of oil a day for 15 days.

12. Hazelnut removes toxins from the body.

13-People with joint pain have 10 honey seeds per day.

14-People who have gout. A breakfast of 30 nuts + 1 teaspoon of well-cooked honey and a glass of milk.

15 people who have bone pain have breakfast using Method 14.

16-Use for lung strengthening like number 14.

17. For the wax treatment, place the face masks twice a day with a fingertip of hazelnut.

18. People with general weakness eat 10 hazelnuts per day.

19. If you have anemia, eat 5 hazelnuts after each meal.

20. People who have cancer Have breakfast 20 nuts and 3 dates with a glass of carrot juice.

21. Some people want to strengthen their intestines and eat 10 hazelnuts when hungry.

22. Hazelnut is a brain that increases the amount of nose matter and is a great food for thinking and thinking.

23-People with yellow feathers have 10 hazelnuts per day for treatment.

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