Variety of dates

Shahani date is another variety of dates that is cultivated plentifully in Fars Province and in Jahrom’s palm trees. Mostly it is used as dry date. Nevertheless, it is in the category of soft dates. Shahani date is a variety of Iranian dates , which is also edible and sweet. In terms of cultivation rate, this palm model in Iran has ranked second.

The Mazafati date is also a very delicious and high-consumption date variety that is cultivated in different parts of Iran, including Bam. Bam’sMazafati date is one of the best-selling variety of dates in the domestic market. This date model is usually used in Ruttab stages. The moisture content of this fruit is very high and is considered as a soft date sample.

Another variety of dry date is Zahedi date. Zahedi dates are also called Ghasb. The main area for the cultivation of this date is the “Poshtkuh” area in Zahedan. Of course, in many other areas, it is cultivated widely. In Iraq, this sample of dates holds a large part of the date export. You can also use this date to produce vinegar and alcohol, because Zahedi dates have a lot of sugar.

Kabakab is another cultivar of dates, which is abundantly cultivated in Borazjan and Kazeroun. In the Kharkh step, as well as Ruttab, this fruit is yellowish, but at full time and at the date stage, its color changes to dark brown. It should be noted that the Kabakab date cannot be consumed, and usually ZarRuttab and its date is used. The economic significance of Kabakab date in Iran is in the fourth place.

Rabbi dates is another example of the date variety that is ranked fifth in term of importance in Iran. This date is in Sistan and Baluchestan province. In terms of size, this date model is almost large in size and its ripening time is similar to Mazafati date.

In addition to the variety mentioned, date has other varieties that are cultivated in Iran and have high consumption. Examples include:

  • Barahi date
  • Gantar date
  • Al Mehtari date
  • Khazravi date
  • Khasuei date
  • Shekar date
  • Mordar Sang date
  • Piarom date
  • Zarik date
  • Sheikhali date
  • Halavi date
  • Deiri date

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