Introduction to berry fruit and its history

Mulberry is an authentic Iranian fruit that has been taken from Iran to other parts of the world. Its colors are white, yellow, pink and black. It has a sweet and pleasant taste and is just the kind of blackberry that tastes sour and astringent.

Black mulberry is also of mulberry type and because its tree has branches that hang like a willow on the ground; it’s called willow mulberry.

In some locations it’s known as “tood” and in Arabian countries it’s called “thoth”.

Table designers in the newspapers and magazines have called the berry “compound fruit”.

Black berry like black or purple ink and cause black stool if it’s consumed.

Mulberry is a species of nettle (Morus alba) containing ten to sixteen species. Black mulberry is one of the varieties of this tree. Blackberry Although it is quite similar to Black mulberry, its fruit is sweet and somewhat slimy.White mulberries are native to central and eastern China. This tree was brought to Europe centuries ago, used in the US as a food source for silkworms. Of course, there is a type of berry called “red berry” native to the United States, from Massachusetts to Kansas.

Black mulberry that existed in Western Asia was brought to Europe before the Roman era.

Mulberry is an ancient or historic tree in most countries of the world, usually in any country dating back more than two hundred years.It has an orange-yellow skin that is an interesting feature of winter (more about young and seedling trees)It is a hardy, low-growing tree that grows in most areas and weather, and can even reach up to 2 meters high.Some mulberry trees produce only male flowers and therefore do not bear fruit. These trees are very suitable as a shade ornamental tree. In some areas this tree is called Tutin.

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