Poor consumption of pistachios

The pistachio brain is a good source of fatty acids, but it is not recommended for people with high levels of triglycerides, and it is not suitable for stomachs because of its difficult digestion. Eating too much will cause warmth of the body and hives and red beans in the skin. For hotness and dryness, vinegar, sour pomegranate or sour apricot must be taken.

Eating “pistachio” is for people who have a weakened liver and who are suffering from gout and diabetes and kidney damage.

The “Pistachio” brain is warm and dry in the ancient Iranian medicine and is not suitable for warm-tempered people.

Green skin properties “Pistachios”

– For gum strength, apply it to the gum or wash it.

– To remove the hips, peel the “Pistachio” green skin and drink a cup of it.

– The best medicine for the elimination of bad breath.

– Chewing it will heal wounds in the mouth.

– The green skin of the “Pistachios” breaks down the state of heart disease and vomiting.

– It is useful to remove diarrhea.

Pistachio White Skin Properties

Pistachio white skin is useful for hemorrhoids and protrusion. To treat the disease, you should boil the white skin of pistachios in water and pour it into the pelvic floor and sit the person with the disease for a few minutes. Relieves pain and relieves the disease.

Pistachio oil

The extract of the “Pistachio” brain is a clear, yellow oil that has nutritional and therapeutic properties.

“Pistachio” oil is a good moisturizer and is absorbed quickly and does not cause stickiness and is a good option for massaging the face and body. Omega 6 fatty acids eliminate the effects of surgical wounds and prevent wrinkles around the eyes and face and, most importantly, make the hair clear. Oral consumption of this oil is a therapeutic aspect and its phosphorous increases its intelligence and memory, and its folic acid helps to develop and develop the nervous system of the fetus.


The best way to keep brain nuts is to keep it in the freezer to prevent the growth of aflatoxin mushrooms on the surface of the seeds and brain. Consumption of this fungus is cancerous and families have to be careful about this .

Why girls should eat pistachios

“Pistachio” is one of the best sources of potassium in the group of nuts and nuts, and its potassium content is small with potassium orange. Although it has a small but small but well-groomed seed, its health and nutritional properties are so high that it can control many diseases in the body. If you care about your health, if it’s important for you to have healthy skin and hair, you should incorporate “pistachios” into your diet.

To improve digestive function

One of the “pistachio” therapeutic options is its effect on how the body’s digestive system works. Since pistachios are one of the brains that holds the highest amount of fiber, it can help lower the level of cholesterol and glucose in addition to improving digestion. People who eat fresh 15 pounds of fresh pistachios during the week can benefit from the “Pistachio” health benefits. The only important thing about using pistachios is that it should not be more than 18 grams per week. Because excessive consumption of “pistachios” increases the amount of fat and protein in the blood.

Why girls should eat pistachios

The common anemia among girls and women after puberty is one of the things that can be compensated by the inclusion of “pistachios” in the basket of this group. Girls who use the “pistachio” standard during the week can help control and prevent the onset of anemia.“Pistachio” is one of the nutritious grains that, in addition to iron, contains vitamins 1B, 6B and E, which can help to strengthen the nervous system in addition to balancing the appetite of girls of puberty.

Power potion

In some traditional medicine texts, a mixture of pistachios, sugar and honey is provided. In ancient times, grandmothers had been preparing for the newly-born women to give them a boost so that they would gain strength with the use of this potion and would quickly finish their recovery. To make this potion, which can help to strengthen the girls’ base during menstruation, the “pistachios” were crushed with sugar and added a little bit of spin to it. The use of this potion as a nutritious food can help increase the nutritional capacity of girls and women in food supplements.

How to keep smiling “pistachios”

From the perspective of traditional medicine, the use of nuts and grains and oily seeds in a situation where people are advised that nuts are of good quality and generally have the following conditions:

The best way to keep brain nuts is to keep it in the freezer to prevent the growth of aflatoxin mushrooms on the surface of the seeds and brain. Consumption of this fungus is cancerous and families have to be careful about this.

Raw nuts are the best choices to buy party eating parties because fats and some nutrients in nuts, such as vitamins A and E, are lost in fat by feeding or increasing salt.

There are some ways to identify good and high quality nuts, the simplest and most practical way to check the color, smell and appearance of nuts. The brains of the nuts should be white or in their natural color, and the nuts do not smell aged.

Important note

Avoid mixing nuts with different kinds of beverages. Drinking these foods can cause bloating and bloating .

“Pistachio” and its use in breeding

“Pistachio” is used as a herbal and nutritious food for many diseases.

Recent studies from the Pennsylvania State University found that the daily eating of some “pistachio” mice (which contains healthy and low fat diets) results in a significant reduction in LDL cholesterol or bad blood cholesterol. Reducing bad cholesterol means keeping your body’s arteries open, and performing a complete blood-sucking exercise.

Quoting from Dr. Penny Chris-Etherton Research: “Our study shows that” pistachios “are a healthy diet for the heart that reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease in humans. “Pistachio” is rich in lutein antioxidants. Leotin is usually found in green vegetables and brightly colored fruits. “Pistachio” is among the nuts on a higher level of food. “Pistachio” luteinase prevents cholesterol that closes the arteries. “Even in the study, the amount of” pistachio “eaten by volunteers increased, which showed a better result.

Eating healthy foods during pregnancy is essential for your health and your fetus. “Pistachio” is a very nutritious substance that provides you with the necessary nutrients at this time. But you should know the benefits and disadvantages of taking “pistachios” during pregnancy.

Consumption of “pistachios” during pregnancy

Advantages of “Pistachio” consumption during pregnancy

An ounce of “pistachio” contains:

– 160 calories

– 6 grams of protein

– 8.2 grams of fiber

– 71.7 g fat

It contains iron, folate, calcium and potassium that helps to grow and heal.

The benefits of “pistachios” during pregnancy

1- “Pistachio” is rich in protein. Protein contributes to the growth of muscles and tissues.

2. “Pistachio” contains fatty acids that reduce the amount of harmful cholesterol and increase the beneficial cholesterol in the blood. It also increases lipid levels during pregnancy.

3- “Pistachio” is a rich source of antioxidants, such as polyphenolic compounds, vitamin E and carotene, which boosts the immune system.

4- “Pistachio” contains copper that helps to produce red blood cells during pregnancy.

5- “Pistachio” has anti-inflammatory properties that protects you from swelling and joint pain.

6. Vitamin A and E in pistachios create antioxidant properties that prevent infections during pregnancy.

7- “Pistachio” is a rich source of fiber that prevents constipation during pregnancy.

8- “Pistachio” is a rich source of omega-3 fat. Omega-3 consumption in pregnancy helps the development of the embryo’s brain.

Talk to your doctor before taking nuts and ask for their side effects.

The following are reasons for avoiding “pistachios” during pregnancy:

1- “Pistachio” contains fructose that encounters digestion of food, causing constipation, abdominal pain and bloating.

2- “Pistachio” has a high sodium content that increases blood pressure and is therefore not desirable during pregnancy.

3. If you are allergic to nuts, it is advisable to avoid taking them during pregnancy.

Learn more about pregnancy sensitivity. Anacaric Acid is a chemical compound that is present in nuts and makes it susceptible.Symptoms include itchy skin , shortness of breath , abdominal pain, nausea, and diarrhea .

4. Studies show that the risk of developing asthma in children whose mothers are allergic to nuts is 50%. So talk to your doctor before taking nuts on allergies.

What can be your diet?

Can I eat pistachios during the weekend? If you do not have a history of taking pistachios in your family, you can put pistachios in your diet. Here are some ways you can try:

– You can pizza in your favorite dish.

– You can pour frozen pistachios in frozen yogurt, juice and milk and cereals and eat breakfast.

– You can chopped “Pistachio” with chicken breasts in a mix of poultry.

So do not worry if your doctor allows you to take “pistachios.” But try not to overdo it.

You can also make delicious desserts with pistachios and add to your diet .

Are nuts fat?

It’s true that about 75 percent of the brains cause ” obesity  but do not fatten your nuts. The most important factor that causes obesity is the amount of protein in the food and, of course, the amount of your brain consumption is rich in protein and fiber, so conserving a modest amount of them not only does not cause obesity, it is also necessary.