Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio

Dimensions and sizes: (Length: 24 / width: 12 / height: 10 mm) larger than Akbari pistachios ; brown worm shells burned in green, red and brown

Inside / Outside Color: Green / Brown, Red and Green

Taste: Slightly sweet       Season: Autumn        Variate:  26-28

Information and communications

Business info

Type: Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio
Processing: Raw , Dried and roasted , Dry and Salty
Supply Ability: 200 Ton/Tons per Week
Place of origin: Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Price: Depending on the type, variety and type of shipping. Please Contact us for more information.
Sample: Has it (by DHL or TNT post)
Certificates: According to customers demand
Packaging: 25kg/50kg
Grade: High-class AAA (By default) , Grade A and B range size 26-28
Port: Bandar Abbas and other Iranian ports according to customers demand
Lead Time: 7 to 15 Days

General Specs

Product health benefits:
relaxing, heart rate regulation, bad cholesterol, hematopoiesis, soothing stomach pain.

More information:
Pistachio Ahmad Aghaei, like Pistachio Akbari, is a family of pistachio beetroots, which is an apparent property of this popular pistachio. It should also be noted that the low oat type of this product has a special place in the Arab market

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