Iranian Fresh Apple

Dimensions, colors and appearance: Average diameter of each apple is 65 mm. The color of the skin is red or golden (yellowish), inside it is yellow (or white), and the taste of apples is sweet.

Varieties:  Red Delicious Apple , Golden Delicious Apple , Granny Smith , Gana , Kohnaz Golab

Processing: Fresh     Product Health: 98%

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Main Production Areas:  Alborz, khorasan, Tehran, Fars, Azarbaijan And Isfahan Provinces
Price: Get the price after submitting the documents (Depending on the Order size and Terms)
Outside/Inside color: Red or Yellow / White
Taste: Sweet
Season: October to Jun

Recommended Transit Temperature : (-1) to 4 C
Desired Transit Humidity Percent: 90 to 95

10 Kg (GW), 9 Kg (NW) : 33 PCs , 44 PCs, 50 PCs
18 Kg (GW), 17Kg (NW): 66 PCs, 88 PCs, 100 PCs
21 Kg (GW), 20Kg (NW):113 PCs, 125PCs, 150 PCs

General Specs


The Red Delicious apples origin was in Peru, Iowa. This beautiful apple type has a deep red color. In contrast to their beautiful and attractive appearance, the red apples flavor is rather mild and insipid. The skin of this apple type is thick and has a bitter taste, but the inside eatable part has a crispy texture. In comparison to the rounder apple types, the Red Delicious apples have thinner shape. It’s better not to use the red apples type for baking.  They are mostly eaten in salads.

Product health benefits: relaxing, heart rate regulation, bad cholesterol, hematopoiesis, soothing stomach pain.

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