Gheisy (Qaisi) Plum

Dimensions, colors and appearance: (Length: 30 / W: 17 mm) Orange, 20% moisture content

Processing: Dried     Min Order: 10 Tons     Product Health: 100% (%)

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General Specs

The nutritional value of the product: An excellent source of vitamin C and iron. Prune helps regulate the digestive system and heals constipation. The vitamin C in the plum helps the body boost its resistance to infectious agents, soothe swelling, and eliminate free radicals. It contains potassium, which is an important component of the body’s cells and body fluids, and controls beats Heart and blood pressure helps.

Location: Marand County; (Asghar Abad, Nasiri, Tabriz, Jolfa)

Quantitative and qualitative comparison: Prunes have more pickles than other plums

Best ordering time: October to January

Duration: 15 to 30 days

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