Kalle Ghuchi Pistachio

Product Names: Kalle Ghuchi Pistachio or Jumbo Pistachio

Payment methods: LC and Cash

Variate:  20-22  ,  22-24

Grade: AAA grade

Information and communications

Business info

Price: Depending on the type, variety and type of shipping. Please Contact us for more information.
Processing: Raw
Season: Autumn
Sample: Has it (by EXPRESS or TNT )
Certificate: International certificates
Packaging: 25kg/50kg
Place of origin: Kerman province, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Port: Carriage of sea and land
Lead Time: About 20 Days

General Specs

Product health benefits:
relaxing, heart rate regulation, bad cholesterol, hematopoiesis, soothing stomach pain.

More Information:
Kalle ghuchi pistachios are a relatively good variety of cultivators, so for pistachio growers, this pistachio is the second most important pistachio (in terms of growth and fruiting).

Also, the date of the onset of its embryo development is August 20th, and the full arrival of its fruits on September 4th

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