Open pistachio kernel

Product Names: Pistachio kernel   Pistachio Open kernel

Payment methods: LC and Cash


Grade: AAA grade

Information and communications

Business info

Price: Depending on the type, variety and type of shipping. Please Contact us for more information.
Processing: Raw
Season: Autumn
Sample: Has it (by EXPRESS or TNT )
Certificate: International certificates
Packaging: 25kg/50kg
Place of origin: Kerman province, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Port: Carriage of sea and land
Lead Time: About 20 Days

General Specs

Product health benefits:
relaxing, heart rate regulation, bad cholesterol, hematopoiesis, soothing stomach pain.

More Information:
The Kernels of pistachios are usually divided into two groups for different uses: expensive and cheap type

The first type consists of Akbari pistachios and Ahmad Aghaei (a relatively expensive option), which is usually coarser and more popular with customers and is mostly used in nuts.

The second group is composed of pistachios and horseradish pistachios, the main use of which is in the cake and confectionery industries.

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