Open pistachio kernel

Dimensions, color and appearance:(Length: 23 / Width: 11 / Height: 8 mm) The size and size of the brain are almost equal to the closed mouth mouthpiece and is only slightly more dull.

Processing: Raw   Min Order: 1000 Kg    Product Health: 97%

Information and communications

General Specs

Product health benefits: relaxing, heart rate regulation, bad cholesterol, hematopoiesis, soothing stomach pain.

Location: Kerman, Rafsanjan

Quantitative and qualitative comparison: The type of roasting of this brain is very delicious and popular

Best ordering time: October to January

Duration: 15 to 30 days

General description

The Kernels of pistachios are usually divided into two groups for different uses: expensive and cheap type

The first type consists of Akbari pistachios and Ahmad Aghaei (a relatively expensive option), which is usually coarser and more popular with customers and is mostly used in nuts.

The second group is composed of pistachios and horseradish pistachios, the main use of which is in the cake and confectionery industries.

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