Iranian Pomegranate

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Processing: Raw   Min Order: 500 Kg    Product Health: 97%

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The pomegranate with a thick reddish color skin and a round shape has a size like an orange or some excellent qualities as large as a grapefruit. Inside of a pomegranate, you will see the arils which are red in color and containing a white seed. The eatable juicy arils have an excellent taste combination of sweet and sour. The pomegranate fruit is popular in some parts of Middle East and mainly grown in that area and also in the Mediterranean. Iran is the first producer of pomegranate fruit in the world whit best quality.

Annual Production in Iran : More than 800,000 MT
Main Production Areas: Khorasan, Markazi, Yazd, Isfahan, Kerman, Fars

Varieties : Malas, Rabab
Skin Color : 
Complete Red
Inside Color : 
Red & White
Taste : 
Sweet & Sour
from September to March

Recommended Transit Temperature : (-0.5)
Desired Transit Humidity percent: 90 to 95

4.5 Kg (GW), 5 Kg (NW) : 10 , 12 , 15, 18 Pcs

General Specs

Product health benefits: relaxing, heart rate regulation, bad cholesterol, hematopoiesis, soothing stomach pain.

Location: Kerman, Rafsanjan

Quantitative and qualitative comparison: –

Best ordering time: October to January

Duration: 10 to 20 days

General description

The green pistachio is a pistachio peanut butter that is harvested in half calories and has an extraordinary taste. The difference in pistachios with pistachios is greater and more coarse than the calamus, and its only advantage over pistachios is its cheapness.

The pistachios (doped) are also known as Calc. The desirable quality of this pistachio stomach can be understood from the greenness of the brain (internal), as well as the amount of pistachios broken down and halved.
Also, the taste and price of this product depend somewhat on the variety of pistachios

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